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How to build a tech product

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How to build a tech product

Sharing my experience of how to approach building a tech product as a startup founder

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·Jul 13, 2022·

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Welcome to the series How to build a tech product. This article is # 1 of 10 articles that touch upon various aspects to consider while building a tech product.

Embarking on building a new tech product can be overwhelming. There are a host of things to consider and think about as you set out to build a tech product. The list of things that need to be done can seem endless. Moreover, the right type of personnel needed can be hard to source - in short building a tech product ain't for the faint hearted.

In this series of articles I will try and break down set of tasks you need to plan for and then how to go about executing these tasks. These tasks can morph into something else as tech evolves, but I believe the fundamental requirement to plan and execute these tasks will always be needed.

This series is drawing on what I have learnt from conversations with founders, CTOs, developers, PMs & designers and also my experience of tech build outs over the last 20+ years.

In short, I am trying to capture and share what I know about building a tech product and I hope that this series or parts of it will be useful to you 🤗

Let's get started!

First up, lets look at the pre-requisites you should fulfill before starting to build your product - How to start building your tech product

Articles in this series

  1. How to build a tech product

  2. How to start building your tech product

  3. How to document your product requirements

  4. Defining the architecture of your product

  5. How to choose a tech stack for your product

  6. Estimate your project size (effort & cost)

  7. Setting priorities before starting your project

  8. Making a project plan - Pending✍

  9. Setting up processes - Pending✍

  10. How to maintain your product after go-live - Pending✍

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